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([personal profile] lunae_dies May. 4th, 2009 10:41 pm)
"D'ya ever wonder what's up there?" she asked, giving a glance skywards before returning her gaze to her hand.

Bear looked over his shoulder for a moment, quietly thinking before he grinned ever so slightly. "No, never really needed too. I know what's up there."

Her eyes lifted from the fallen star, avoiding the sky to look up at her companion, she didn't need to ask why.

"Oh, because..." he smiled again, shifting his broading gaze back to the sky, watching the stars in their slow travels. "One's old soul knows where their home will be next. Might be in ages and ages, but we'll go home one day, when our souls are too big for our earthly bodies."

She pursed her lips at that and managed a nod. "I don't think I'm old enough yet."

"No... no you're not, my friend," chuckled Bear, his warm fur shaking with the movement of his laugh and the night's breeze. "But one day, you'll understand." Bear smiled again. At her and the heavens above.
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